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Recognising our Osteopaths

We were shortlisted for the 2022 Allied Health Professionals Workforce Transformation Award in this year’s Chief AHP Officer (CAHPO) Awards.  

The CAHPO awards are a unique opportunity for Allied Health Professionals to receive national recognition for their contributions towards delivery of exceptional outcomes. The focus of our nomination was around the development of osteopaths in our team. 

Here’s why we wanted to celebrate our osteopaths 

Osteopaths have been supported in central Sussex since before Sussex MSK Partnership Central came into being. Initially, we had only one osteopath working in a senior clinical role, but it became clear there was an opportunity to develop osteopathic roles into the wider team, particularly in our MARS team.  

We now have seven fully integrated osteopaths working across all clinical levels. They have really embraced the four pillars of practice and are all clinical educators for physiotherapy students. We’re now able to consider taking on osteopathic students.  

During the second lockdown, three osteopaths volunteered to be redeployed to the stroke wards and whilst there was an initial sense of nervousness, the ward staff responded that they brought fresh eyes to the Multidisciplinary team and rehabilitation approach. Further conversations are now being initiated around how we might extend this opportunity further. 

Whilst we didn’t win the award, we are very proud to have been nominated and receive recognition for our contribution towards the delivery of exceptional care for patients.  

View the CAHPO 2022 Award winners here

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