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Personalised Care Awareness Month

International What Matters To You (WMTU) Day takes place on 6th June every year.

What Matters To You is a global movement trying to open a dialogue between people using services, carers, and those providing care. Alongside this, WMTY day aims to create a cultural shift where people using and working within services are asked what matters to them, to help shape their experiences beyond medical interventions or corporate ways of working. Authentically asking WMTY encourages a shift in mindset, to seeing the ‘person’ in the patient or colleague, and helps people to be seen beyond their set of symptoms or job roles.

This simple question can have a big impact on all of us and is a part of the personalisation of care. Working in Sussex MSK Partnership, threading personalised care in everything we do is growing ever more important. What Matters to You Day day has been a springboard for us to create the first ever Personalised Care Awareness Month. So far, nothing like this exists for Personalised Care and it feels exciting to be celebrating this for the first time.

Georgi Daluiso-King, Personalised Care Lead and Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist, shares how we have embraced the transformative power of “what matters to you?” conversations with people in a recent blog for NHS England.

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