What Happens Once We Receive a Referral?

Step 1: Triage

Your referral will be looked at by a specialist clinician (triaged) to assess who you need to see. This ensures you will be seeing the clinician best suited to your needs.

Step 2: Waiting List

Once your referral is triaged you will be added to a waiting list for an appointment. Most people will be triaged to our Musculoskeletal Assessment & Rehabilitation Service. Only those with more complex problems are likely to be triaged to our Advanced Practitioner clinics. All of our waiting times can be found on our wait times page.

Step 3: What To Do While You Wait

For all conditions our clinical team recommend you start with strength and mobility exercises. It is best to start these as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll get better.

Clicking the bodypart below will take you to a page of support and guidance designed to help you while you wait for an appointment.

What should I Do if my problem gets worse?

If your problem is getting worse please contact us on the number for your area. We can offer advice & support for your worsening problem.

Step 4: Appointment Invitation

When you reach the top of our waiting list we will send you a text or a letter. This will ask you to call in and book an appointment if you still need to see us. The text message will look something like this (information & links will change according to where you live):

We are now ready to book your appointment. Please contact Sussex MSK Partnership on **** *** ***. For more information click on the link: 

What Do I Do If I Haven’t Heard From You After Waiting?

If you haven’t heard from us following a referral, please contact us on the number for your area.

Step 5: Preparing for Your Appointment

You may have some questions about your appointment. Our Your Appointment pages are designed to help answer the most common questions.