Our Service & Referrals During COVID-19

The Latest Update

We are currently running our service in line with national guidelines. If you have received a text message and feel that you need to be seen at this time please call us on 0300 303 8063 for Brighton and Mid-Sussex and 01273 242 054 for Crawley and Horsham.
If you do not need to be seen at this time or feel that you are able to self-manage your condition you do not need to contact us to remain in our system. We will be able to reactivate your referral for up to a year should your condition change.

The safety of our patients and our staff remains our chief concern and in order to navigate this period effectively the service continues to follow the national guidance for community services. Our service is currently assessing all patients by telephone and video consultation initially where we can effectively assess your current condition, advise you on treatment options, refer you for diagnostics if appropriate, and provide you with self-management information and support. We are also now able to offer some patients a face to face appointment where this is clinically appropriate and where this is agreed with you.


We are now accepting all referrals to the service, prioritising those considered by our specialist team to be clinically urgent. Where possible, referrals should be completed using our self-referral form to reduce workload on GPs and because patients often provide excellent and useful history.

Patients who have been seen in our service within the last 6 months need only to call 0300 3030 8063 if they need further support of the same condition they were originally referred for.

If you would like to self-refer for our services please click here.

Looking After Yourself

If you feel you can self-manage your MSK condition (or you are looking for some advice and guidance before you self-refer) you can use our self care section.
If you still require assistance you will be able to self-refer at any time from the self referral link above, or on the home page.

We have also collated a number of other resources for looking after your health and wellbeing during this difficult time.

British Medical Journal Blog – For the ‘At-Risk’ or Vulnerable COVID-19 group: Staying or Becoming Active During Social Distancing.

About Your Appointment

We have had to make a number of changes to how our service is offered during this time. Though we are accepting referrals we are exploring different types of appointments in order to treat as many people as we can as safely as we can.

For the latest information on what your appointment might look like, how we can help during this time, and what services we can refer you to click here.