Osteoporosis & Fracture Liaison Service

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones lose strength, making you more likely to break a bone than the average adult. Osteoporosis occurs when bones become thin causing them to become fragile and more likely to break. There are many factors which make it likely that a person is at high risk of breaking a bone.

Our Fracture Liaison Service service provides assessment, advice, and treatment for:

  • Patients over 50 who have already broken a bone.
  • Specific patients who are prescribed Osteoporotic treatments for other reasons.

More information about the causes, effects, and treatment of Osteoporosis can be found in this leaflet.

Osteoporosis Support

The Royal Osteoporosis Society has created a number of videos for people newly diagnosed with osteoporosis. These have been developed by people living with osteoporosis and healthcare professionals. These videos are designed to answer the questions you may have:

What is Osteoporosis?
What Causes Osteoporosis?
About Osteoporosis & Weaker Bones
How is Osteoporosis Diagnosed?
How is Osteoporosis Treated?
How Can I Keep my Bones Healthy?

The ROS have created a wide range of fact sheets and leaflets. These can help you to better understand and manage your condition. Click here to go to their Facts Sheets & Leaflets Page.

The National Osteoporosis Society also has an information leaflet for Osteoporosis in Men.

What Exercises Can I Do?

Exercises for Osteoporosis & Bone Health

Exercises for Back Pain after Spinal Fractures

Help for Pain & Other Symptoms Caused by Spinal Fractures (Vertebral Fractures)

Lifestyle, Diet, and Supplements Guidance

Better Bone Health for Everybody Information Leaflet

Vitamin D Supplements & Tests Fact Sheet

Calcium Supplements & Blood Tests Fact Sheet

Drug Treatments for Osteoporosis

Alendronate / Alendronic Acid Fact Sheet

Denosumab Treatment for Osteoporosis Fact Sheet

Parathyroid Horomone Treatment (Teriparatide) Fact Sheet

Zelondronic Acid for Osteoporosis Fact Sheet

Scans & Checks

Getting your Bones Checked and Risk Factors for Osteoporosis and Broken Bones

Bone Density Scanning and Osteoporosis

How to Check if you May Need a DEXA Scan

Log onto the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX)

Insert your personal details and click the calculate button. The FRAX tool advises your likely risk of an osteoporotic fracture over the next 10 years.

Press the NOGG button at the end of the FRAX sheet and it will take you to the National Osteoporosis Guidelines Group guidance. Here you will be advised whether a DXA scan is indicated or if treatment for osteoporosis is advised.  If either is recommended you should inform your GP or health care professional.

Getting your Bones Assessed & DEXA Scans

How is Osteoporosis Treated