How are we carrying out learning from this year into the future?

Natalie Blunt, Managing Director
Selma Stafford, Clinical Director

David Gilbert, Patient Director

In 2020, the ability to carry on doing what we were doing before, but to make service improvements in that time has just been totally staggering.

We have had patient partners on the recovery plan, having them seeing really close hand what the operational challenges were. Being immediately helpful feeding back on virtual systems as we moved over to virtual appointments, contributing to self-referral forms, trying to see the access issues from both points of view, what we could do, what we couldn’t do.

It has cleared the way for us to see what’s needed in order to bring these two sets of people together, closer than before. It’s never been far away, but by patient partners, being really close to the crisis has brought a sharpness and a clarity and something has shifted in the relationships We have learned of the massive value of having a strong purpose. And in this organisation, whether you are answering the phone or the cleaning the touch points or redesigning the service, to have that purpose, to actually be doing something that is positive for people and for the system.

One of the things that is really important in going forward is that robust sense of a community service, hold the whole pathway so that we can really make sure that we’re understanding what patients need.

We’re more and more assured of a rounded sense of quality, that the outcomes work is not what would traditionally have been called clinically centered outcomes or clinical outcomes, but they’ve been being imbued with what matters to patients

We have been doing shared decision making work for about five years, and that has put us massively at the forefront of the personalised care agenda, which is one of the really important, strands of work of the ICS.

Before covid, we were robust, we had clear governance, we ran an efficient system very well, and we were fully committed to the patient’s voice and listening to people and co-production. But we are not just robust, we are resilient. We don’t know what’s going to happen in 2021 and hopefully things will be a lot more stable than they have been in 2020. What we’ve demonstrated in 2020 is that we have been able to.

That’s because we have very strong values underpinning what we do. We are safe and deliver high quality service which staff enjoy working in and patients enjoy being served by. All of us are knitted together by a value set that has been generated from both the people we serve and the people we serve alongside.

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