Group Consultations with Sussex MSK Partnership

A group consultation provides video contact with your Musculoskeletal clinician along with other patients who have the same condition as you. These sessions provide you with more time to discuss any issues you may have as well as providing you with information and guidance.

What Do Group Consultations Involve?

What Are Virtual Group Consultations?

These are a video appointment with a clinician as part of a group. The group consists of 5 – 12 other people with the same condition. There is an initial assessment session and a follow up session a few weeks later. Each session lasts 90 minutes. The sessions are tailored to the participants with the opportunity to ask the clinician questions and share advice and experiences.

Participants of this type of virtual group session report that they feel less isolated and more confident to manage their symptoms. Most said that they preferred it to traditional one to one treatment.

If you are still struggling with your symptoms after completing the virtual group sessions, you will be referred to a 1:1 appointment. The team offer face to face assessment and discussion of other treatment options available.

Why Should I Do a Group Consultation?

  • Group consultations have the benefit of peer support and understanding from other people with the same or a similar condition.
  • Other patients in the group might ask questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask and together you all learn more.
  • A focus on improvements and progress in the consultation, as well as promoting greater involvement in your own care.

Can I Try a Group Consultation and Then Book a 1:1 Appointment Afterwards if I Don’t Think it Worked for me?

As with all our MSK appointments, you will have six months after you are discharged to be seen again for the same condition; just give us a call. After the six months, you would need to be re-referred either via self-referral or via your GP.

What Will Happen in the Session?

1. Firstly, everyone will gather in the (virtual) meeting space. Your facilitator will check in with everyone, gather verbal consent to the confidentiality agreement, and ask some questions about how you are doing and your symptoms. The facilitator will gather your questions for the clinician, so if another patient was going to ask “your” question, you have time to think of more.

2. Then the clinician will enter the (virtual) meeting, and you will each have some time to talk to the clinician, in front of the rest of the group.

3. After the clinician leaves, the facilitator will check in with each of you and assist you in setting goals and intentions to take away.

4. There will be a follow up session a few weeks later which will follow a similar format.

What Happens Next?

Please call 0300 303 8063 (option 5) to confirm your attendance at a Virtual or Face to Face Group Consultation, or if you would prefer to discuss our other care options.

Once you are booked in, you will receive a confirmation letter with pre-meeting guidance and confidentiality information. You will need to have read the confidentiality form and verbally agreed to it in order to participate, as will all other attendees.

If you have any queries, please call 0300 303 8063 (option 5) or alternatively email – please mention Group Consultations as the reason for your call or email.

Additional Information

We know that Group Consultations improve health outcomes and experience of care for patients, and we look forward to seeing you at your Group Consultation appointment.

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