Dear Patient,

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the decision support tool project.

This tool supports patients to enhance their understanding of osteoarthritis and potential treatment options. It will not replace your appointment and it does not provide you with a diagnosis, however you have been identified as someone who this may be helpful for.

Along with this cover letter, you should find two decision support tools called ‘Making a decision about hip osteoarthritis’ or ‘Making a decision about knee osteoarthritis’. Depending upon your problem (hip or knee), please read the tool that is relevant for you and complete the appropriate sections. You may find this useful in preparation for your appointment. You may also find it helpful to bring the decision support tool with you to your appointment.

Not all treatment options contained within the decision support tool may be appropriate for you and the tool will not make any decision for you. We hope the information provided will enable to you make an informed decision regarding your treatment options with the help of your clinician.  

If you remain willing to participate, you will be contacted after your appointment by telephone to ask you some questions about your experiences of using the decision support tool. You are free to withdraw from this project at any point without providing an explanation. There is no obligation to use or complete the decision support tool. Should you have any further questions, you can discuss this with your clinician at your appointment.

Kind regards,

Sussex MSK Partnership Research and Audit team.

Shared Decision Making Tool – Knee Osteoarthritis

Shared Decision Making Tool – Hip Osteoarthritis