This is currently a very challenging time for the NHS due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following national guidance we will be running a reduced service to enable our clinical teams to support the wider NHS at this time. We will keep this page updated regularly.

What’s the Same?

Self Referrals

You can still complete a self-referral. These will be looked at by our clinicians and you will be contacted if there is anything clinically urgent.

Telephone/Video (Virtual) Follow-Up Appointments

All virtual (telephone & video) follow up appointments are continuing as normal. If you have one booked/are waiting for one to be booked this will go ahead.

Most of our appointments are now done by phone or in some cases via video. We call these ‘virtual’ appointments.

Steroid Injections

Steroid Injections are going ahead as normal. There is some guidance around steroid injections and the COVID vaccine. This will be discussed with you when booking your appointment.

Diagnostic Scans (XRays, MRIs, Ultrasounds)

We are still able to refer for diagnostic scans when clinically appropriate.

Persistent Pain & Rheumatology Appointments

All Persistent Pain and Rheumatology Service appointments (new & follow-up) are continuing as normal.

Women’s Health Appointments

Women’s Health appointments (new & follow-up) are continuing as normal.

Referral to Hospital

We will still refer patients to hospital if needed and this will happen after a discussion with you. If you are referred to a hospital, we cannot tell how long you may have to wait for. Hospitals are under extreme pressure due to COVID and cannot at the moment tell us how long people have to wait. Wherever possible we will do our best to provide up to date information.

Re-Referring Yourself Back to Our Service

If you have been discharged from our service recently or up to 12 months ago, you can come back to us and book a phone appointment. You do not have to see your GP again or get another referral.

What’s Changed?

First Appointments

Unfortunately, at the moment, you may have to wait longer than usual for your first appointment. This is because many of our staff have to help hospitals and vaccination sites during the COVID pandemic.

However, all referrals are still being screened by our expert clinicians and we will contact you if you need to be seen urgently. For those referrals which are not immediately urgent, we have fewer staff available than normal and will work our way through the waiting list as fast as we can.

Face to Face Follow-Up Appointments

We will only ask you to come in for a face to face appointment if there are clear reasons to do so. This means:

  • If we can only asses what’s wrong through a physical examination.
  • Whatever is wrong has to be treated urgently.

If you are called in for a face to face appointment, these will be shorter – at most, 15 minutes. This is to reduce the infection risk for both our patients and staff.

When to Contact Us

Please still get in touch with us for advice and support if:

  • Your symptoms have got worse
  • You need further advice and support on how to manage your condition.
  • You change your mind about being referred to hospital or want to change which hospital you want to go to

What Can I Do Till I Can Be Seen?

We have put together a wide range of information to help you look after yourself. The links below will take you to pages that offer advice, guidance, and exercises for your problem. These pages also answer some of the common questions you may have about your problem.